Sunday, June 14, 2009





dark blue

true color

the belt holder

cute skull button! <3 style="text-decoration: underline;">

long exposed zipper!drop dead gorgeous! ;DD

back pockets

often we see zipper leggings, shirts, dresses and whatnot. Have we ever been in awe looking at a miracle zipper jeans? Yes, we have right here at Pumpkin ! What will intrigue you pumpkinians more, is that the zipper jeans is in the form of a pair of skinny jeans! Tempting right? Imagine how zipper does wonders to every single thing in ur wardrobe! This skinny jeans have hem zipper on both sides and a slim fit cutting. Soon, you'll be looking lavishly slim in those pair and having joyous day of ur life when ppl start praising u on how slim you look!

100% thick denim (slightly stretchable)

size S:fits UK 4 -UK 8(for waist 23-26)
measurement:37.5 inches (top to bottom)

size M:fits UK 10 - small UK 12 (for waist 27-29)
measurement:38.5 inches (top to bottom)