Saturday, June 6, 2009

ripped off



light orange/silver studs

charcoal grey/silver studs

silver studs and just look at the slashes!awesomeeee! ;D

ivory/brass studs (unripped)

close up
*there are 2 types ripped and unripped but only for ivory color*

black/brass studs

close up on the studs

the ripped part

even at the back collar part is being ripped too! ;))

studs are wildly mushroomed in the fashion it on shoes,jeans,handbags or clutches.everywhere and anyone wants to be caught in 'em.but have you seen on a tee?we brought in these babies today,just for our fellow pumpkin-ians!wheee!oh yes,we have been infected by the studded disease!lol these gorgeous tees are attached with studs in brass and silver colors and it compliments the base color of the tees,in black,ivory and charcoal grey.and not forgetting the other ultimate 'weapon' for these tees are its being ripped the front and back part!isn't the combination just amaze you?this is the type where you’d be stared with envy. ;) they are down to earth yet effortlessly stylish.with tees like these, you’ll never regret wearing 'em countless times. :D

100% cotton (slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:28 inches