Sunday, July 12, 2009

warrior spunks




one word:L.O.V.E ;))

transformed into a sling bag

studs at the handle *drools*

back of the handle
*the studs are actually fully attached not just clip ons*

the flap

studs and exposed zipper edge.what a perfect combo! ;)))

back zipper

inside of the bag

some handbags may be actively trying to get away from their signature image, well, so does this handbag.while the studs can be recognizable from miles away, the bag has been striving to bring something new to the table, and attempting to revamp the look of a typical handbag and give the younger, hipper crowd something to swoon'll absolutely love the edgy and funky style or absolutely abhorred it all.adding gold studs to a pastel and taupe leather trim, this studs bag are the ultimate craving of the week! even if ur not a rocker chic, u can still match this up with any wardrobe.

*straps are adjustable*

*long strap is included upon purchase*

100% thick p.u leather (FLAWLESS material!)

measurement: 17 x 12.5 inches