Sunday, August 23, 2009

hear me roar



*just cavalli inspired*

true color
close up
light brown/dark brown
true color
yellow siren
close up
back view
*true color*
inside lining

nope,the skirt does not turn you into a wacky weirdo but it turns you into a wacky fashionista.the outstanding leopard prints on the skirt embraces your bold style.try to have a bold personal style once in a while.this is one piece you should never look's different type of high waisted skirt because of the prints that stands you out.and also its a poofy high waisted skirt!definitely awesome!yeayyy!to avoid overdoing it,then just opt for a plain baby tee or light colored tops to go with the skirt.after all,less is more right? :) there are many tricks to pull this off.any look can go with the skirt! :D

100% hard silk with lining

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 18 inches