Saturday, August 8, 2009

peplum flora



pop cherry

true color

side pocket

back view

photographic blue

true color

to all the romantic loves out there, you will HEART this photographic peplum floral skirts. it melts everyone’s heart!floral skirts are no longer an item solely reserved for grannys!lol instead, they've had a new edgy makeover with funky shapes, super-short styles and clashing prints.the combination of tropical colors will flatter your skin and curve.if you are wondering where those retro bunch got their superb floral skirts, you don’t have to wonder no more coz you can hop into one of the skirts right here at pumpkin. this skirt is simply gorgeous. no wonder we still have our eyes on timeless pieces.wear them now with plain basic top and with the right accessories,you'll look stunnnnn-ing! ;)

100% hard linen

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:15.5 inches