Thursday, September 24, 2009

bowish jumpsy



layer it with a skirt to transform it into a lace top! ;)

close up

front part *swoons*

big bow! <3

side pocket

back view

lace jumpshorts definitely makes a statement! most people would think lace are just meant to be on dresses or skirts but you got that wrong!lace on jumpshorts certainly gained a yay at pumpkin!the new all-in-one chic outfit, something you can put on and be done but feel totally together in.if you want to liberate yourself from the tight squeeze of skinny jeans or perhaps to look more relax,then opt for a jumpsuit with a tinge of lace instead!it seems that everywhere we go everyone has at least a pair.this can also be this season's style of flirtation.wear it with a stack of bangles and wooden wedges for a fashion hookup. however style you plan to put on,you know that this piece comes in handy! :D

100% cotton attached with lace (zipper at the side)

fits uk4-big uk10

measurement:31 inches