Thursday, November 19, 2009

lacy scallop and drooly studs-restocking!



true color

studded on both sides!

studs and chain are love! <3

we know this baby screams your name!definitely a jaw-dropper item of pumpkin's collection.shoulder detailing is just so in.score big points in thisdarlings.not only does it screams glamour,it's also ultra edgy.this studded embellished shoulder top is definitely a keeper!shoulder embellishment is an easier way to follow the trend.skirts,shorts or jeans - this goes with them all and gives an edge to a wardrobe staple.what an eye-catching,right?grab this baby pronto otherwise you're gonna regret! ;)

100% lycra cotton (very stretchable)

fits uk-uk12

measurement: 24.5 inches





true color

close up

scallop edge and velvet ribbon lining :)

oh how glamorous it is to be in a veil-like feels magical and we begin to fantasize that a prince charming would come and take us away!what's hot is that,this number actually comes in a two basic but subtle colors.and layered with an embroidery lace.isn't it magical?this is a perfect party or glamor night out dress for you glamorous divas! ;)

100% lycra cotton with lining and embroidery lace (SUPERB quality)

fits uk6-small uk12

measurement:32 inches