Saturday, May 15, 2010

tapered drama



only in black

true color

awesome! :D

high waisted! ;)))

side pocket and pleats

unrolled :)

back pockets

if you want to liberate yourself from the tight squeeze of skinny jeans,then wear a high waisted seems that everywhere we go everyone has at least a pair of high waisted pants. be it wide leg or tapered. if you're into bohemian look,then cuff yourself in this high waisted tapered pants and a flowing tunic with tons of jewelery/accessories.for an 'almost famous' effect,you can call this pants as a dude-inspired design as well.because it has the very minimal drop-crotch cutting and boy cut pants.this can also be this season's style of flirtation.wear a slim fit button down with suspenders for a fashion hookup. you can also look girlie girl if you pair this up with a tube top and a scarf.however style you plan to put on,you know that this pair of pants comes in handy! :D

100% tailored thick cotton (superb material)

size S: fits uk4-uk6 perfectly (waist 24-26)
measurement - top waist : 13 inches
length : 38 inches

size M: fits uk8 - uk10 (waist 26-28)
measurement : top waist : 14 inches
length : 39 inches

size L : fits uk12 (waist 29-30)
measurement: top waist : 15 inches
length : 40.5 inches