Friday, July 30, 2010

jewel dreamer



nude creamy

worn as a clutch

true color

close up

fuchsia pink

true color

insanely prettyyyyy!!!!

fully loaded with diamantes at both sides

even the tassels are loaded with diamantes ;))

strap is adjustable

clip on to detach the straps

side compartment

inside of the bag

hear ye!hear ye!for those who have missed our previous jewel encrusted belt-jawdropper,fret not huns!we have even better for you this time around, statement cluctch/handbag as a replacement,just for you! :D spice up a plain and dull outfit with this gorgeous piece.we absolutely love the patent and quirky buckle combo.not to mention,perfect fit and the stones are nicely placed too!so pumpkin-ians,make a statement with this! *wink*

*long strap and short strap are included*

100% thick suede (very very good material!)

measurement:11.5 x 10 inches