Saturday, September 18, 2010

goldie bib



only in gorgeous jet black
true color
two words : insanely gorgeous!
big ass bib-like gold beads neckline
side drapes
v back

another round of maxi from us!yeehaaa!but this time around no more bohemian or whatever,it's grecian inspired time!we saw many of 'em in the runaway,ay?this maxi will bring out one's feminism because of its minimal factor. less is always more right? and it's to die for v cut! front and back - sexy schamxayyy!we loveee!lol it's pretty obvious innit?whichever way you choose to wear,you definitely need an edgy shoe to match it sexy sky-high heels,braided shin-guard sandals,shiny patent heels and cutaway gladiators bring a revved-up sexiness to all these girlish petals.andddd the material is made from superb viscose material.the 'model' is having a hard taking 'em of coz the material is of sooooo cooling!lol ;)

95% jersey 5% spandex (very stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:54.5 inches