Sunday, September 5, 2010

quilted maxi


(immediate stock, do email to restock)


purplish pink

true color

side view

first compartment

another flap compartment (yes, it has dual compartment! :D)

metal clasp

gold hardware ;)

back zipper

black *true color*

long chain


true color

ice pink

true color

dusty grey

long chain

eversince chanel brought back quilts to the fashion runway,everyone just can't enough of the's very classy and yet simple.this handbag is definitely for that style seekers!the differences of the quilted handbag are,the quilt part is only on the flapper and the braided chain is nicely placed on the front and the back of the bag.this soft, stylish bag can be worn as a shoulder bag with the braided strap,or carried as a clutch by hiding the straps inside the bag. This handbag features zippered closure, roomy interior and privacy pocket can stuff all your junkies inside in an instant!

*the chain is adjustable; to be worn single chain or dual chain*

100% mix leather (mixture of pure leather and p.u, thumbs up material!)

measurement:13.5 x 10.5 inches

rm78 *satisfaction guaranteed!*