Saturday, October 16, 2010

chain reaction



white/dusty silver chain
true color
navy blue/gold chain
true color
black/dusty silver chain
true color
chain at the sleeve
chain at every edge of the cardigan ;)
chain at the pocket

chains alert! we know this cardigan is screaming your have got to love the detailing chains at every edge of the cardigan and the cutting-uber awesome!simple yet wow!need we say more?since chains,studs are so "in" these days,simply transform to become a top for variety look. and now it becomes dual function piece! ;)) this is the time for you to be creative! :) looks can be deceiving,pumpkins!this minimalist yet stunning coverup is only a door step away from you. ;)

100% thick lycra cotton (very stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:31 inches