Sunday, November 28, 2010

artsy lacey



creamy ivory

true color

very pretty!

stretchable waistline

close up on the lace

do you have something that you can call heart and soul?if you are still having a hard time thinking which is the most 'heart and soul' to you,we'll help you on that.all hail the 'heart and soul' to every girl's cliche as it sounds,dresses/skirts are a girls no. 1 must have item!this is not your typical maxi skirt,but this is the 'heart-me' goodie girl that you destined to have.the skirt has a floral print and made of thick's in magnificent color and stretchable waistline so that it can cling on to every size of waist.your eyes must be oozing with glitz now,don't they? ;))

*waistline is stretchable*

100% thick lace with full lining (stretchable)

fits uk4-small 12

measurement:38.5 inches