Sunday, March 6, 2011

ziggy tapered




true color

khaki brown

true color

choco brown

true color

outstanding ;)

exposed zipper flap

exposed zipper

back view

don't skirt the issue.....the zipper tapered hits the mark!you pumpkin-ians will love these laid back,casual tapered.we're practically jumping when we first saw this! very zara. with the pleated front,paper bag details, we are sure they are a knockouts!this time around,this pants give you a youthful, minimalist and cool look edgy comfort to approach,of course!don't you think so?we definitely do! ;DDD

100% hard suede ish cotton (defnitely good quality! and slightly stretchable)

this tapered pants is slightly high waisted

size S : fits uk4-uk6 (for waist 24-26)
14.5 inches (waist part)
38 inches (top to bottom)

size M: fits uk8-uk10 (for waist 27-29)
15.5 inches (waist part)
39 inches (top to bottom)

size L : fits uk12 (for waist 30)
16.5 inches (waist part)
40 inches (top to bottom)