Saturday, April 23, 2011

cut out fishtail



black true color coral color is slightly softer upfront to die for! blush pink true color insanely gorgeous! mesh net with jewel stones sewn on it :D front view back view long and flowy-this season maxis are attracting widespread interest and stepping back into the sartorial what we have today;toga cum maxi skirt! ;) some people may say toga is so last season! (heck, even reputable magazines are still featuring toga tops/dresses and we believe is from the late sixties: specifically marilyn monroe on wearing her toga dress with her signature rosy cheeks and chilli red lips), we've noticed that the stylish set is trying the trend anew. fashion front runners like kate moss and mim kardashian are working togas into their wardrobes, combining it with oversized buckle belt and killer pumps.the results of their efforts are remarkably current and completely chic—just like what we're looking for!

100% thick lycra cotton (flawless quality and very stretchable)

fits uk6-uk14

*fits uk4 as well,but the length needs to be altered :)*

measurement: 55 inches