Saturday, April 16, 2011

pansyful flora



blue black base/yellow roses

true color

definitely yay! :D

close up

black base/pink roses

true color

side pocket

ruffle sleeve

bottom zipper

close up

stretchable waistline

back zipper

ironical of fashion is you can turn anything into something.this vintage inspired floral jumpsuit spells it out loud and clear that anything can be transformed with just a piece of cloth like this jumpsuit here.this piece visualizes your 'out of your comfort zone side' without revealing too shows your neckline and accentuates your skin. you can turn into pants too! by just folding the top part inside :) floral is definitely fashion statue of the moment and this is the ultimate alternative if you're sick of summer dresses.emulate nicole richie's style! :D.

100% soft cotton (amazingly comfy)

fits uk6-uk12

measurement: 48 inches