Sunday, May 15, 2011

dual dissimilar



true color
nude brown
true color
blush pink
true color
loving the dissimilar lapel :D
shoulder pads are detachable!
folded sleeve
faux pocket
'hook' button

once again,this blazer is specially dedicated for those who have missed one of our best sellers-structured improved version we may add.this time around,it comes with full satin lining,shoulder pad intact,longer sleeves and superb fitting!to own a designer item with a little money in your hand is impossible,no?why not opt for something which is oddly similar to designer pieces?you can still look good with designer inspired pieces.this sharp shoulder blazer is making sum jawdropping moments.the blazer is designed with one of a kind collar cutting and a slight slope at the shoulder part.anddd not to forget the collar area is dual-colored too ;)) and that makes it super!the fitting and design make you look sexy and sophisticated.put on a pair of hot pumps to go with this blazer.they say,good things come in small,you have one :)

100% thick tailored cotton (slightly stretchable and awesome material!)

fits uk6-uk12

measurement:26 inches