Sunday, June 19, 2011

bat syndrome



tucked out
true color
tucked out
navy blue
true color
awesomely comfy! :D
gummy pink
slightly softer upfront
worn as cover up ;)
to be worn loose :D
batwing sleeves
back view

shirts lovers will certainly appreciate this batwing sleeves,cocoon ish sleeves!this dual function garment can also give you the 'average jane' look for you modest fashionistas.creating an easy look by pairing this with a bright neon pumps or wedges and an oversized handbag.if you dig the celebrity style,then opt for a chunky gold necklace and killer pumps to go with this also accentuates your curves.whichever style you choose,you're doomed to be in the spotlight! ;) you will never believe that this oversized shirt
has the most comfortable fit everrr!semi high neck and the design is definitely one of a kind to be passed on. totally not your ordinary shirt. casual or a night out,ANYTIME!and it'll look gorgeous for layering too!wicked! :D

100% thick silkish chiffon (quality definitely guaranteed!)

fits uk4 - uk14! (to be worn loose)

measurement:29 inches