Tuesday, June 28, 2011

structured gala - taking orders and final!

calling all structured gala lovers,we have a very good news for you!they were not restockable back then back but they are now!our supplier decidde to do a remake :D they made such a GREAT hit,we kid you not! this is 5th time restocking it and its gonna be final!!! very very worth piece ;)

you know the drill,we will need advanced payment to ensure that no back out will be made by possible buyers.taking orders start now and ends until we reach the quota (please note that we have extremely limited slots).with each order,buyers NEED to include their name, contact number, color and address to avoid miscommunication. :D

VERY important note:the stocks will only arrive in three or four time (date to be confirmed later).hope you lovelies can wait because good things always come to those who wait. do not place your order if you're can't/not willing to wait. anddd slots are veryy limited and we advice you to pay asap to secure the slots ;)) heee so shop awayyy!

very important note: slots are extremely limited!priority will be given to those who will able to commit and pay first.so why waste time, browse around and grab it before someone grabs first!

love always,

golden mustard
swoon :DD

true color

electric blue

to die for cutting!

true color



true color


brownish orange

true color


true color

chilli red

true color

true color

gummy pink


true color

the lapel

faux pocket

structured shoulder

back view

to own a designer item with a little money in your hand is impossible,no?why not opt for something which is oddly similar to designer pieces?you can still look good with designer inspired pieces.this balmain inspired sharp shoulder blazer is making sum jawdropping moments.the blazer is designed with an exotic cut and a slight slope at the shoulder part.and that makes it super!the fitting and design make you look sexy and sophisticated.put on a pair of hot pumps to go with this blazer.they say,good things come in small packages.here,you have one :)

100% thick satin (awesome material!)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:23 inches