Friday, August 5, 2011

swirly brocade




jet black

insanely pretty!

true color


mocha brown

very delicate and stunning lace :D

true color

champagne gold

true color

superfine brocade lace!

huge brocade lace at the neckline

back view

oh how glamorous it is to be in a veil-like mini dress/long feels magical and we begin to fantasize that a prince charming would come and take us away!what's hot is that,this number actually comes in three basic but subtle colors.and layered with mesh and thick brocade lace. this is not one of those typical lace where everyone already own one in their closets. this is the type where you’d be stared with envy. what make it more eye-catching is the lace part! isn't it magical?this is a perfect party or glamor night out dress for you glamorous divas! ;)

*this piece doesn't come with lining*

100% lycra cotton with lining and embroidery lace (SUPERB quality)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:30 inches