Saturday, September 3, 2011

audrey pearly




very elegant

true color

very pale grey

super love the design! :D

true color

navy blue

true color

pearls are SEWN ;)

side pocket and pleats

back view

Jewellery is getting more and more sophisticated-looking - and we like it! The set of pearl in a form of a bib which finished the look of this jumpsuit is an utter classy! Imagine Audrey Hepburn meets Sarah Jessica Parker. Languid slight ruffles ensemble the bodice of a chic chiffon jumpsuit is complemented by skinny, fluid legs. The soft material makes you feel windy even if you are heating by the scorching sun. It flows accordingly and goes well with every figure and body size. Who would have thought those days when you thought pearls were frumpy looking and could pass off as grandmas can look exceptionally exquisite these days? Whether you choose to toughen it up with distressed heels or neon pumps or if you're the sweet-as-sugar type who wears it with her best Sunday outfit, this jumpsuit will steal the show.

100% thick tailored cotton (very similar to zara's tailored goods and slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 49 inches