Friday, October 14, 2011

animal kingdom




brown color

true color

not too bright upfront

totally to die for upfront!

gorgeous gorgeous!

very stretchable waistline

close up

some may hate it,some may love it.we're not sure of you pumpkin-ians but we absolutely love this piece!we kid you not!luckily we managed to refrain ourselves from buying for personal use. :P butttt we are kinda pissed coz the pictures just don't do justice to this full swing skirt!arghhh! :( anyhoo,leopard print on a maxi skirt?omg,we're out of words!now that's what we call something new and definitely one a kind.this designer inspired skirt can do wonders!you can wear it as without a belt for relax and chilly look.for boho or cheeky look,just pair it with a belt!slip on your gladiators and you're good to rock your day! :D

100% heavyweight lycra cotton (FLAWLESS material and stretchable!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 49 inches