Saturday, October 8, 2011

hear me roar




true color

orangy brown

true color

front pocket
gold chain at the neckline
shoulder pads are removable

back view

nope,the cardigan does not turn you into a wacky weirdo but it turns you into a wacky fashionista.the outstanding leopard prints on the cardigan embraces your bold style.try to have a bold personal style once in a while.this is one piece you should never look's different type from your ordinary plain cardigan because of the prints that stands you avoid overdoing it,then just opt for a plain baby tee or light colored tops to go with the cardigan.after all,less is more right? :) there are many tricks to pull this off.any look can go with this cardi! :D

*please note that the orangy brown and brown are very very similar upfront*

100% thick knitted cotton (amazing quality)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 29 inches