Thursday, July 25, 2013


hey lovelies!

we are very excited that we have just launched our second raya collection. we hope that you like them as much as we do. and please take note that these garments are SUPERB quality and totally different from our pumpkin's range. undeniably pretty and quality definitely guaranteed! feast your eyes ladies! ;)))

usual rules apply,all items are extremely limited quantity and hence,we will give priority to those who are able to do fast/immediate transaction. therefore,we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment immediate/asap. if you fail to do so,we will have to move to the next possible sorry love!we hope you understand.kisses.

for new arrivals paisley potion (skirt), swingy paisley (top), paisley kurung set, enchanted ornament and tie dye wide shawl for our raya collection round 2!