Sunday, November 16, 2008

60's betty



dark green/black ribbon

maroon/black ribbon

brown/black ribbon

remember those days when we used to own a betty doll with cute prints cardigans and 60's skirt?those were the days when we eyed and loved everything dolls wore and owned.we wished we had their wardrobes,didn't we?no more of those dreams!this ribbon print cardigan adds 60's feel in does somehow remind us of 60's era and ganny's surely nothing near to big size cardigan because this lovely cardi gives you the right curve to every size.even a plum size girl can fit into this.if you have the hots for vintage look,then wear this 60's inspired cardi with a flare and flowy add modern feel into 60's feel,then pair the look with a pair of oxford heels or bombing pumps.alternatively,the cardi looks good with a high waisted flare pants and a can get oodles amount of looks with just a single cardi! ;)

100% wool ish cotton (superbly comfy and material!)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 23 inches