Sunday, November 16, 2008

night batgirl



electric blue

close up

back view pleats

loving the sleeves! :)

80's fashion must be inspired by batman/batgirl,that's why everything is batty during 80's.we have to give batwing's credits for that coz if it wasn't for batwing,we wouldn't have inspired!this plain color dress does not give you the 'plain' effect comes with batwing sleeves which give you the look of the 80's.we know that 80's look is one of the timeless looks of the century with those batwing sleeves top/dress,disco balls,loud colors.without knocking you bank amount,you can set this fabulous looking dress for cheap!it's scruffled at below of the chest area and plunging neckline.if you don't wanna look conventional,then gear with a pair of hot bombing color pumps and chunky bangles.with the heavy cotton material,it can even be worn during day times.we best you'll be plunging into this dress for sure! :D

100% thick lycra ish cotton (extremely superb quality)

fits uk6-uk12

measurement: 39 inches