Sunday, March 22, 2009



light denim

exposed zipper nyumsss!

smoked back

dark denim
(not much of a difference than light denim)

when we look at this denim ruffles skirt,katy perry popped into our mind right away.for those who have seen her,you'll know why. ;) now that's a perfect denim ruffles skirt we want!this is when ruffa-lily comes into place.this is the closest one to katy's and we absolutely loving it :D you wanna why?firstly,it is in light denim and slightly dark denim color(yums),secondly,it shows off your shoes!lol.yeap it is casual chic and go with a plethora of tops and of course,it's sassy too!we hope that's enough reason for you to attempt to wear functional cutie.oh have we mentioned that the long 'zippy' is in now? ;)))

100% soft denim (SUPER comfy)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:17 inches