Sunday, March 22, 2009




light grey

lace at the bottom

love the print!!shhhh lol

folded sleeve

its been awhile since the last time we brought in oversized tees.but this tee is just gotta love the cool face print on it.quirky but super cool right?!we are mesmerized by the funky print on the tee.and what makes it even more special is that the bottom of the tee consist of one layer of soft lace.sweetttttt! ;) this is something to be rambling about,innit?you can pull off the simple look by wearing it to everywhere;classes,casual and lazy days and...arghh everywhere!lol.pair it with skinny,flare or straight cut jeans,shorts and slip on your flip flops,you'll still look awesomely cool! :D it's not that hard to look good right hunnies? ;))

90% cotton 10% lycra (SUPERB quality-slightly stretchable)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:27.5 inches