Sunday, July 5, 2009

the shred



light faded denim

true color

back pockets

can be unfold too!

awesome shredded detail ay? :DD

our parents are always against punky,rockish style especially when the attires are shredded or in torn off condition. they don't know that it is the style of the runways! to this day, we have always admired how grungy looking girls can look so hot and appealing by wearing a pair of shredded shorts and studs bangles. this is the classifying version of Megan Fox and Kate Moss's shorts. you don't have to rob a bank to own an inspired version of Kate Moss's shorts, you just have to pay a few pennies!he perplexed details of the shorts are astounding. the shorts can be unfolded and folded whichever way u prefer. the shredded details look natural without making you look like you try too hard shredding the shorts. the denim material only makes u adventurous and trendsetting.blades and sciccors no more! the shredded shorts are here!

100% thick denim (superb quality)

size S:fits UK 4 -UK6(for waist 23-26)
measurement:10.5 inches (folded)
13 inches (unfolded)

size M:fits UK 8 - small UK 12(for waist 27-29)
measurement:11.5 inches (folded)
14 inches (unfolded)