Sunday, July 5, 2009

your rose highness




close up

english ivory

true color

layer it with a skirt! ;)

close up

sweet pea

the top part.sweettttt! <3

back view

imagine yourself in the most exquisite dress with perfect cutting and you'll be pleasing them through beauty and perfection. not only is the dress is exquisite but the flowers print on the dress is certainly exquisite. it is the perfect choice for a tea party or casual outings. sweet looking floral enhances the sweetie pie in you. the most important part of the dress has got to be the toga design ensembles with bed of roses. if you want to make it a top, then tuck the dress in with a pair of jeans or skirt. at the end of the day, everyone near you will have toothaches teehee.

100% cotton with lining

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 32 inches