Saturday, October 24, 2009

bejeweled chokers




white/white stones

on model

black/caramel stones

true color

on model

one of the biggest trends seen this season is the resurgence of the bib necklace.they are classic, elegant, sometimes whimsical and always make a statement!the trend seems to focus around the use of bold and colorful flowers, but if that’s not your thing, no need to worry there are bib necklaces for all tastes and styles.for instance like the one we brought in-bejeweled bib!best of all you won’t need to look very far to find the perfect strand,we have 'em in store now ;)the best way to really make a statement with your new necklace is to pair it with your favorite little black dress or go casual with a basic white T-shirt.any way you wear you it, you are sure to get compliments!

100% faux stones but definitely not the plastic ones (SUPERB workmanship)

one size fits all