Monday, October 19, 2009

trippy zippy



*miss selfridge inspired*


light blue acid wash

one word : stunning!!

flapper like bottom with zippers

sweetheart bustier
*true color*

long exposed zipper ;DD

let's have a big jawdropping moment,pumpkin-ians!it's the time to have that saliva jaw dropping time.its because this great miss selfridge inspired denim dress.its a combination of astounding exposed zipper,acid wash denim and sweethear bustier! space yourself to the world of futurism.don't get stuck in the past.the time is right for edgy and posh.after all,we are marching ourselves into the millennium era!if you are afraid that this dress will outdo you,then tone down with a biker jacket and a pair of heels/sneakers.this awesome dress turns out to be the exact piece in miss selfridge with a cheaper price.even people from the past would dream to be in the future! :D

100% thick denim-SUPERB quality (stretchable)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement: 26.5 inches