Sunday, November 22, 2009

lace glazing



virgin white

true color

cinch it with a belt ;)

side pocket

adjustable waistline

spring 2009 sees a major fashion trend in the form of the jumpsuit or playsuit.from what we heard and read,the latest trend in jumpsuit world has risen at the lace jumpsuit.that's just awesome because we bring you this fabulous full lace jumpsuit that's so much runway inspired! ;)) we absolutely this piece because of its simplicity but screams wow!the waist band and laid back shaping means what was lost at the bottom has been taken care of above waist lol if you're tired of flare shapping or harem jumpsuits,this is your best piece to get out from your comfort zone!heeee

*top part and waist band is stretchable*

100% lace with lining

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:29 inches