Saturday, November 28, 2009




light denim acid

front stitching

zipped bottom

close up

front view

back view

there's a saying that goes: the sky's the limit.this saying definitely applies in fashion'll never know what to expect and keep on guessing what's'll never know that a jeans can have decorations of zipper bottom and stitching material be combined together!this comes as a happy meal to any fashion-minded diva because the skinny jeans is stylish's very casual and suitable for every occasions!any fashionista would be proud to carry this gorgeous baby! :D

*the sizing is similar to topshop and levi's*

*low waist*

100% thick denim (stretchable)

sizes available:

25 -for petites or waist 23-25 inches
measurement (top to bottom) : 37.5 inches

26 - for waist 26 inches
measurement (top to bottom) : 38.5 inches

27 - for waist 27 inches
measurement (top to bottom) : 39.5 inches

28 - for waist 28 inches
measurement (top to bottom) : 40 inches

29 - for waist 29 inches
measurement (top to bottom) : 40.5 inches