Saturday, July 17, 2010

embellishment galore


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true color
navy blue
true color
greyish brown
*true color*
gorgeous embellishment!

pleats at the shoulder
side pleats and pocket
front view
back view

anything with shoulder embellishment definitely makes a statement! most people would think embellishments are just for dancers but this season, you could go breakfast in bling! It’s one phunk and phat styles of the season. embellishment bling equals luxurious. So, if you pumpkinians walk proudly with your sequin top or dress, you’d be looking like a luxurious superstar although you’re not living the life of a superstar.this is a solid trimmed bodycon,sequin embellishment on whole’s perfect to be worn with a pair of blazer for a low profile fashionistas and just like that with a pair of killer pumps or heels;for a daring fashionistas.the sequins intact will shine you in dark and you’ll get spotted in no time.

100% HIGH QUALITY lycra cotton (very stretchable )

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:33 inches