Saturday, July 17, 2010

swirly cleopatra



fuchsia red
true color
*appear to be softer shade upfront*
purplish grey
true color
teal blue
true color
absolute gorgeous!
black goddess
true color
extremely stunning! ;))
metal wear neckline- can be adjusted too! :D
back view

who wouldn't want to be a Grecian goddess?of course,we can't afford to become one but at least,look like one!and again,we bring you these luxurious grecian-inspired dresses.except this time,they are combined with very flowy metal necklace like essence and it's a long dress!if you have noticed,these grecian-inspired dresses are hot on the runaway!the texture shows the classiness and look elegant and luxurious.wear it like the style icon, angelina jolie, with flat bejeweled sandals and a simple clutch.this style is endured for centuries.

100% soft lycra cotton (FLAWLESS material!)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 56 inches