Sunday, October 31, 2010

hey hey pumpkin-ians!

we're happy to announce that we have updated!usual rules apply,we prioritize those who can manage to make the payment immediate/asap.therefore,when placing you order,pleasee pleasee pleaseee confirm your order by leaving your details,the item(s) you're interested, address and contact number.if you fail to do so,we will have to move to the next possible sorry love!we hope you understand.

important notes :

all transactions must be made asap because we will be away starting 4th of november (more on that later).

to those who have ordered slouchy wraparound, the stocks are here. will proceed with shipment tomorrow! :) goldie bib on the other hand, the remake is finally done and shipment will be ready some where around middle of november. will definitely keep all of you updated! :)