Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ahoy sailor-taking orders!

aloha sweetums! :)

due to overwhelming response on this piece, we decided to beg our supplier to bring in more! calling all ahoy sailor lovers,we have a veryyyyyy good news for you!they made such a GREAT hit same and we decided to bring 'em in again!minimalist but there's a wow factor. totally must have, we may add ;)

as usual,we will need advanced payment to ensure that no back out will be made by possible buyers.pre-order starts today and ends until we reach the quota (please note that we have limited slots).with each order,buyers NEED to include their name, contact number, size and address to avoid miscommunication. :D

VERY important note:the stocks will only arrive in 2 or 3 weeks time (date to be confirmed later).hope you lovelies can wait because good things always come to those who wait. heee anddd slots are limited and we advice you to pay asap to secure the slots ;)) heee so shop awayyy!

love always,

deep blue wash

wear it braces for something different ;)

true color

high waisted

sailor buttons ;DD

side pocket

back view

darls,we hit a jack pot! we've been looking for tapered denim (nice cutting and design of course) but no to avail. no to worry, we have found it! the stunning tapered denim for all of us! tapered denim? now that's something new huh? ;) yeayy! if you're looking for a sophisticated yet sexy look,this season we found it for you. yeap pumpkins,it's the time of denim again!it has superb cut that will accentuate your figure perfectly!show off those sexy legs and woo everyone with your hi-end style.what more when it comes with button and pleats everywhere! :))

100% thick denim (stretchable)

size S : fits uk4-uk6(for waist 24-26)
high waist:13 inches
length : 36 inches

size M : fits uk8-uk10 (for waist 27-28)
waist:14 inches
length : 37 inches

size L : fits uk12 (for waist 29)
waist: 15.5 inches
length : 38.5 inches