Saturday, March 26, 2011

denim taperama


black denim

true color

dark denim

true color

superb cutting!

side pocket

scallop look alike waistline
this isn't just the highlight of the pants.. (wait for it)..

tada! exposed zipper at the back :DD

loose fitting pants are not your style?or maybe tired of dresses?let's gear up with super sleek denim tapered denim! we hit a jack pot! we've been looking for tapered denim (nice cutting and design of course) but no to avail. no to worry, we have found it! the stunning tapered denim for all of us! tapered denim? now that's something new huh? ;) yeayy! if you're looking for a sophisticated yet sexy look,this season we found it for you. yeap pumpkins,it's the time of denim again!it has superb cut that will accentuate your figure perfectly!show off those sexy legs and woo everyone with your hi-end style.what more when it comes with button and pleats. ohhh the waistline is filled scallop look alike everywhere! :))

100% thick denim (stretchable)

size S : fits uk4-uk6(for waist 24-26)
measurement length : 37 inches

size M : fits uk8-uk10 (for waist 27-28)
measurement length : 37.5 inches

size L : fits uk12 (for waist 29)
measurement length : 38.5 inches