Sunday, March 20, 2011

pleats mania



jet black

true color

skinny cutting ;)

dusty grey

true color

muddy grey

true color


to die for cutting!

side pleats and pocket edge

slightly pleated bottom

front view

back view

restock batch
*belt is included*

while many of us have vowed not to slip a leg back into a tapered pant, it seems that the look is starting to come back and take over the fashion world as we know it. trends come and go, but the tapered pant is back in and ready to be worn for work or for play! you can pair this with a white or any color simple top. to look great, you can match it with a pussy bow blouse and a big beach hat!very bohemian! you can get your groove on and be different!

100% thick khaki cotton (slightly stretchable)

size S: fits uk4- uk6 (waist 24-26)
measurement - top waist : 14 inches
length : 34 inches

size M : fits uk10 (waist 27-28)
measurement : top waist : 15 inches
length : 35 inches

size L : fits buk12 (waist 29 - 30)
measurement: top waist : 16 inches
length : 36.5 inches