Sunday, July 27, 2008




ultra light brown (true color)

transformed into a sling bag mustard (true color)
transformed into a sling bag
chain is love! :D
inside of the bag

*there's a string inside of the bag,it can be pulled to give the bucket look*
we just can't get enough of handbags can we?lol.speshly when it's an oversized bag.this time we present you 'buck-it'!what's interesting about this bag is,the string can be pulled and adjusted according to your liking.coz we remember,normal bucket bags always feature tassels right?but nope,this time they come in a adjustable buckle. anddd chain seems to rock our socks recently!we just can't get enough of em.heee carry all your essentials in this classic luxury bucket bag now! ;DD

*the chain straps are detachable*

*long straps will be given and adjustable*

100% faux leather (super good quality)

measurement:15.5 x 13 inches