Sunday, July 27, 2008

distressed hottie



loveeee the 'koyak' effect.hehe

back view

when we look at this cropped jeans pants,jessica simpson popped into our mind right away.for those who have seen dukes of hazzard,you'll know why. ;) now that's a perfect cropped jeans pants we want!this is when distressed hottie comes into place.this is the closest one to jessica's and we absolutely loving it :D you wanna why?firstly,it is in distressed faded blue color(yums),secondly,it shows off your shoes!lol.yeap it is casual chic and go with a plethora of tops and of course,it's sassy too!we hope that's enough reason for you to attempt to wear functional cutie.oh have we mentioned that 'koyak' effect is in now? ;)))

100% denim (good quality)

only size 25 available

fits uk4-uk6 only (strictly for waist 24-25)

measurement:10 inches (folded)
*you can adjust the folded part according to your length preference*