Sunday, July 27, 2008

ethnic city



peachy brown

transformed into skirt

pinky blue

close up

weeee!another summer dresses but this time they come in an exciting range styles-halter necks/baring backs/the strapless version.there is something for everyone and anyone can make a style statement by wearing the right summer dress.and we at pumpkin,recommend that the right summer dress would be the 'ethnic city'!heee we fell in love with the ethnic prints instantly!it is this versatility of the summer dress which makes it an eternal favorite.what makes these dresses pop,it can be transformed into a calf-length skirt.ohhh snappp!pstttt we heard rumors that the ethnic prints are why wait love? ;))))

100% cotton with lining (smoked bust)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement:29.5 inches