Monday, July 21, 2008




transformed into a huge clutch :D
coffee latte

transformed into a huge clutch *swoons*
inside of the bag

argghhhh danggg!that was our first impressions toward these babies.we kid you not! we mentioned before,the motto this season seems to be 'the bigger the better'.lol.yeap,it is super similar with awesome possom but only in different color and with no's so chic and glamorous,be it for day or night.for an outing at daytime,carry it as a sling bag and for a night outing,simply fold the handle and you're good to go!this handbag/tote/sling bag/clutch can shine a timid dresser perfectly in no time!yeayyy!

*the handle is not detachable,simply fold in to transform into a clutch*

*sling straps will be provided*

100% faux leather (superb quality)

measurement:16 x 12.5 inches (w/o the handle)