Sunday, July 20, 2008

sweetie pie


sweet: black + baby yellow

elegant:black + white
gorgeous: pink + cream

transformed into a high waisted skirt! <333

declaring that miss bow is back is like announcing gladiators are oh my,this sweetie has got to be one of the best fit in dresses history!the cheeky silhouette that made us go goo goo gaa gaa has quickly become a cocktail dress staple.not only this cutie is perfect for formal occasions,it can be worn casually by pairing it with a white puffy top/sleeveless underneath.and darls,due to its subtle evolution at the skirt part which offers a very flattering and sexier balance,we have used our creativity to fold in the tube part and make it as a skirt!now that pops!weeee

*the white sleeveless is not included*

100% hard cotton-slightly stretchable (awesome quality)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 28 inches