Sunday, July 20, 2008

pumpkin flatty


neon orange! <33333

look at the prints!*grins*

flats will surely get your feet pumping.that is why we just couldn't resist but to bring your feet pumping yet again!neon doesn't just come in tops,pants and dresses,they come in shoes as well.they're just hot this inviting as it may sound,these neon flats are in pumpkin national color and silk go!any girl can be lucky to own these! :D

*they're in high quality and amazinggggly comfy!*

the sizes are a bit different in term of the numbers.the sizes come in 36-40.but 36 represents size 4,37 represents size 5 and so on.

*the sizes are super similar to vincci's and nose's*

sizes available:36(4),37(5),38(6),39(7),40(8)