Saturday, June 27, 2009

floral frenzy



red roses and white based

close up on the print

stretchable bottom

still woo-ing over cardis?well,pumpkin brings you this season most enduring style-floral prints!you know it,don't you?it's been awhile since we last stock up on printed cardis ay?this cardi is timeless.opt this girly innocent-looking style and improvise with your own edgy style.some great ways to get the most out of this awesome cardigan.firstly,pair with jeans and a tee, flats and a hot bag for a casual cool look.secondly,layer it over an equally long belted tee and tights.and lastly,you can look dressy with it by going for an upscale look and pair it with pearls and a basic black dress for your next fab event.cardis are definitely blast from the past.;)))

100% cotton

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:22 inches