Sunday, June 21, 2009

polka salsa



gorgeous paperbag all around the waist area! <33

does these skirts resemble a lot like betty boop?no?yes,the cheeky cartoon character with the 'au natural' pouty lips and busty chest.or at least we think love love loveee the pleats that create the poofiness of the skirt. and not to mention,its paperbag pleats all around the waist area :) and what did we say about polka dots?it's L.O.V.E and major cuteness right?!it can be worn many ways i.e layer it with a basic baby tee/sleeveless inside for a casual look or simply adjust it to be lower or higher to be transformed into a normal length or high waisted skirt!and just cinch it with a wide belt.isn't that easy to look cute and minimalist at the same time?hee or go 'au natural' by simply wear it just like that!you'll be the talk in town,that's for sure! :D

*waistline is stretchable*

100% hard cotton (zipper at the back)

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:16 inches