Sunday, June 21, 2009

giddy girly


true color
adjustable waistline
the print *ultimate cuteness!*
flutter sleeve
back view

ironical of fashion is you can turn anything into something.these babies spell it out loud and clear that anything can be transformed with just a piece of cloth like this piece here.this piece visualizes your sweet and girly side without trying too much.quirky prints,perfect fit for a long top/mini dress.all in all,this piece is definitely a keeper!it's a bonus for this fun piece coz it has multiple girly prints like handbags,dresses,accessories and also accentuates your body because of the material and adjustable waistline.for down-to-earth chics,this is the one for has the words 'simple yet classy' written all over it.hee quirky pieces are definitely fashion statue of the moment.

*this top can be worn as a long top or as mini dress (for petites).be creative,toots! ;)*

100% chiffon with lining

fits uk4-uk12

measurement: 28 inches