Saturday, November 7, 2009

blooming silky



orange bloom (bronze base + orange floral)
*true color*

transformed it into a top!

close up

blue bloom (bronze base + electric blue floral)
*true color*

close up

longgg exposed zipper! <3

flowers blooming in spring are exquisite.that's why we have flower print tops,dresses and bags and even shoes.they are the inspiration to these items.we can never get enough of flowers in spring.this is the piece that has the 'oh-my-god' effect.this long top/mini dress is definitely a looking forward to-wear-item.the sweet look and perfect cutting for every size make you want to jump in to one of comes with voluminous sleeves for you to gaga and long exposed zipper to add some 'edgyness'.you might just get lucky to have people coming at you and addressing you a 16 year old sweetheart! <3>

100% quality hard silk

fits uk4-uk10

measurement:30 inches